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The Stunt Team was founded at the beginning of 2003. Its members are former professional martial artists with several years of experience of acrobatics, highfalls, full burn, sword fights, diving and rigging. These are the basic skills. Our team also offers specialists in a precision driving, gymnastics and horse riding.

The main office is situated in Mazatlan on the west coast of the Mexican mainland. There are also exterior co-stuntmen in our team from the USA, the Great Britain, Czech republic and Turkey.

The Team works in 2004 on the project The Legend of Zorro. The next project in 2005 takes 3 months. It is called Valley of the Wolves: Iraq. 2006 brings an interesting Mexican film Angel Caido and a cooperation on a Delfos team’s project Entre Paredes del Aqua. This year is also filled with numerous live shows.

There is a next big step made in 2008 on an American feature film Dragonball: Evolution. Right after that the Team works on a Colombian Tv series Sin Tetas no hay Paraiso and an action movie Kanthaswamy with numerous astonishing actions. At the end of 2008 it is an American-Turkish co-production 40. The most significant project in 2009 is a Turkish action Tv series Aynadaki Dusman/Enemy in the Mirror where the Team participates on 6 episodes- it takes several months. The same year and reaching 2010 is important because of working on a Turkish big budget feature film 1453 Fetih- the conquest of Constantinopolis. There is another Valley of the Wolves: Palestine shot in 2010. A big part of it’s success is due to our Team.


The founder and the director of the IST is Dusan Hyska born in the Czech republic, who began his carrer 20 years ago as a member of Filmka stunt team during his studies at the Charles’ University of Physical education and Sports. His mentors were Mr. Jaroslav Tomsa and then Ladislav Lahoda. Thanks to the opportunity of working on many American big budget feature films Dusan learns from experienced American and British stunt coordinators and stuntmen. He starts to coordinate in 2000. A year 2002 is significant by starting the founder’s independent career in Mexico after working on several projects there. The most important one is James Cameron’s The Titanic.

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